Insurances for the vehicles

All cars are provided with insurance against the liability for damage done to the third party.

In the price of the rent are also included the following insurances:

CDW - Collision Damage Waiver

Lessee reduces his responsibility for the damage on rented vehicle on the value of franchise which depends on the group of vehicle. If the amount of damage is less then the value of the franchise lessee will be charged for this smaller amount.

TP - Theft Protection

With this insurance lessee reduces his responsibility in case of theft on the value of franchise which depends on group of vehicle.

The risk and size of liability for the damage with the respect of rental agreement lessee can decrease by paying the following insurance:

SUPER CDW - Super Collision Damage Waiver

By paying these insurance lessee is buying up his liability in the damage.

Lessee can also take an insurance in case of death or injury of driver or passengers in the car.

PAI - Personal Accident Insurance

Damages occured during rental time are covered by paying all offered insurances except in the case of:

  • Damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle, the interior of the car or damage to the tires, wheels or decorative covers of the wheels
  • Damage to the windshield or other glass windows on the vehicle
  • Damage to the engine or any other technical part of the vehicle caused by irresponsible attitude of the driver to the vehicle
  • Damage to the vehicle made by driver under influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxicating agents
  • Lost documents, keys or registration plates of the vehicle
  • Damage to the vehicle made by a driver which is not entitled for driving the vehicle in the possesion of Allegra rent a car
  • Damage which is done abroad in the case that crossing the border was not approved by the side of the lessor
  • Any damage of the vehicle which was not reported to the lessor and authorized police station
  • Deep damage of the seats and interior of the vehicle which can be eliminated only by chemical cleaning of the vehicle
  • Lost personal things from the vehicle

In the case of any above circumstances lessee is responsible for the whole amount of the damage.

Procedure in case of damage or accident

Lessee is obligated that in the case of damage occurrence or accident he will protect the interest of the lessor.

Lessee is obligated to call Allegra rent a car personnel and authorized police station which will indentify all the circumstances of occured damage or accident.

Lessee need to take a police report of accident and alcohol test.

Lessee need to note all the names and adresses of participants in the accident and to fulfill European report of the accident.