Rental terms and conditions

Basic conditions:

  • Driver must be at least 21
  • Valid driving licence for at least 2 years

Vehicle can be rented for at least one day i.e. 24 hours from the moment of picking up the vehicle. Every additional hour is charged in the amount of 1/5 of daily hire rate.

In the moment of picking up the vehicle lessee is obligated to present his driving licence, passport or I.D. and credit card.

By signing the rental agreement lessee accepts rental terms specified on the back of the rental agreement and agree that is obligated for all the costs which are connected with renting a car and eventual costs of traffic violations and wrong parkings commited during the duration of rental agreement.

Lessee receive vehicle in rent which is in technical correct condition with all the related documents and all mandatory equipment.

Lessee receive vehicle with full fuel tank and is obligated to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel or he will be charged for the tank filling service according to the valid price list and for the amount of fuel that is missing from the fuel tank.

At the time of returning the vehicle, lessee is obligated to return the vehicle with all the documentation and equipment that was given to him at the moment of receiving a vehicle and in the same state according to the condition of the vehicle.

Lessee agrees that he will not cross borders of the Republic of Croatia without the approval of Allegra rent a car-a.

Terms of payment

As a method of payment you can use cash or the following credit cards:
American Express, Diners Club, Master Card i Visa.

As a guarantee of payment at the moment of receiving the vehicle you are obligated to give your credit card on the authorisation or to leave a cash deposit according to the group of the vehicle.